Once you've accepted a job, you must abide by the personalized note and craft the item with the provided materials. I think if they allowed players to set a quality level for their public orders, it’d get a lot more use. Its weird because the personal work order allows you to set a minimum item level. . This page introduces the Crafting Orders system, which was added in Dragonflight.

Minimum quality crafting order

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Since you can only work on 1 craft order at a time, the crafter’s gonna have to do SOMETHING with it to kick it out of the slot in order to work on anything else. .

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Comment by Vampyrr on 2023-01-09T13:58:45-06:00 <Copying this from a previous post as it's still relevant. . Although it does question the purpose of the option to set minimum quality. Not for public orders. I have. . 2022-12-29, 01:29 AM #7.

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How unfortunate for the person hoping to have their item made.

korean dramas dubbed in spanish netflixNov 28, 2022 · You may need to send a Crafting Order with minimum quality rank 4 and hope for the crafter to get an Inspiration proc to get the item at rank 5. jenny craig twitter

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We suspect that as players finish getting their high end crafting gear and complete purchases of other one time uses for Artisan’s Mettle, players will be more.

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Gundai-malganis (Gundai) December 16, 2022, 7:12pm #1.

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This item is time-gated and players will only receive one about every two weeks.

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I am providing the max tier ingredients and would like the highest quality ring made.

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